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We have been completely closed since the UK lockdown on March 23rd.


Due to the coronavirus we are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces between reservations. We allow a day between reservations as we need extra time before entering the property  and then we need to deep clean, sanitize, and air between guests.

Ash front (3).JPG

We ask all guest to remove their shoes, (we did this before too) but its even more important now.


We have anti bacterial hand wash and disposable paper towels available for you to use as you enter.

In the apartment we have redecorated the apartment and had all the carpets professionally cleaned as well as the large corner sofa.

Despite the restricted openings of shops and cafes, etc we still believe Uppingham and Rutland have a a lot to offer guests. We live in a beautiful town and we have walks and public footpaths on our doorstep.

We have added an update to our restaurants/pubs info since they opened after lock down: click here

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